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Slider life, into the recording studio


Hello friends, here is Sebastiano Lillo speaking. As you already know, I am an endorser and demonstrator for QP Slide. Two of my great musical passions are slide guitar (and you understood this!) and music production: since 2019 I have been managing a small recording studio and independent label: “Trulletto Records“. In the studio I […]

Coodercaster: The Pickups


Part III: the pickups As I mentioned in previous features, to build a Ry Cooder inspired guitar, set up for bottleneck playing, with a lap steel pickup in the bridge and a “goldfoil” in the neck, it is no longer necessary to turn to the vintage market to get the pickups : today you can […]

Guitar slide finger: which is better?

Bottleneck: qual'è il dito giusto da utilizzare?-Guitar slide finger: which is better?

Hi sliders! I’m Sebastiano Lillo, endorser and demo player for QP Slide. This article aims to briefly look at a very familiar topic to us “bottleneck” lovers. Which finger should I wear the bottleneck on? Any, would be the first answer, but if we rule out the thumb for obvious reasons and observe that are […]

Discover the story of the legendary Coodercaster by Ry Cooder


To each his own For years the guitarists who wanted to get closer to the sound produced by the coodercaster (Cooder has always used a myriad of instruments in the studio) ignored their hero’s opinion and experience (if he couldn’t clone the Coodercaster…) transplanting on their Stratocasters pickups from old lap steels and unlikely Japanese […]

Guitar slide types: how to choose the right guitar slide

In the following article we will see  how to choose the right guitar slide! Hi everyone, I’m Paolo Giardiello, founder of QP SLIDE, there are many reasons that made me to study the Guitar Slide are many, the same reasons that led me to desire something more technically designed and engineered and at last to […]


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