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Instructions to choose the size

Looking for a guide guitar slide size? Choosing the right sizes is never easy, QP Slide knows this and for this reason has created for you a guide in which you will find the best tips to find the right size for you.

In this document you will find the images and instructions to identify the correct size for you and are valid for all models that cover the entire finger. I always racommend, in doubt between two sizes, to choose the larger one, with simple thick tapes to be applied inside you will be able to fill the small GAP if there is. On the otherwise, if it were narrow, it could harm use. 

Our closed slides (comf and charm) were designed to be worn on the little finger, nothing prevents to use them on another finger, but could touch the bottom inside leaving too exposed the base of the finger; In any case, if your fingers are particularly long (over 60mm), I feel to recommend buying an open model.

The first thing to consider is that, normally, the obstacle that meets the slide fitting it is the articulation of the second phalanx, for this reason I recommend detect the size at this point. If your finger has a particular shape, you can decide to carry out this simple test in another area of your finger.

guitar slide size

1. Roll a strip of adhesive paper tape above the joint of the second Falange of the finger, the tape must adhere well but gently to the finger, without tightening it

2. Mark the point of overlap of the two ends of the ribbon with a pen

3. Measure the detected length with a ruler

4. Check on the table which size corresponds the measurement just found

guitar slide size-qp slide-en

The sizes available in stock are those that can be selected on the store for each product.

For needs of sizes not present or customizations of various types, contact us by email at: info@qp-slide.com.

Keep buying your slide!



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