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QP Slide was born from the desire to rework the concept of the Guitar bottleneck, placing the focus, not only on its functionality, but above all on the personality, elevating it from an accessory to a real instrument, giving new life to your playing

 Paolo Giardiello


Professional Guitar slides

COrso guitar slide by Sebastiano Lillo

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Listen the sound of our bottleneck

QP SLIDE: The innovative bottleneck for guitar

QP slide is an innovative bottleneck of its kind, studied in every detail to guarantee a better sound and a comfort never heard before.
Some models have a sloped cut that allows for better bending of the fingers.

Find the QP Slide model that best suits your playing, or request a custom designed slide and find out how QP Slide can improve your playing by guaranteeing:

  • More sustain
  • Hottest sound
  • Better Feeling

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ABOUT ME: Paolo giardiello

My name is Paolo Giardiello, I am an Engineer and I deal with Precision Mechanics.

In my free time I study music, specifically Electric, Acoustic and Resonator guitar, I love Blues in all its facets and I play in various live contexts. 

I am also a serial researcher of warm sound and feeling.

We, guitar lovers, invest a fair part of our time in search of OUR instrument, the one that, when we hold it, triggers something inexplicable, which makes us feel at home, which, in the end, makes us even better because it seems the extension of our hands.

The research of our SOUND continues with experimentation of effects, pedals, amplifiers, pickups, strings, etc. going more and more to refine that tone that resembles us, that represents us, that tells about us what we often cannot say in words.

On many occasions I have succeeded in approaching the use of bottleneck, a technique that, like all of them, must be studied and requires a lot of practice.

Despite the commitment, on many occasions I thought it was my limit, that I was somehow denied.

I couldn’t accept that this accessory broke the intimacy I had with my tools.

I bought and tested dozens of slides, always encountering annoying noises on the strings, acid tones, little sustain, slides that tended to fall off the finger compromising the accuracy of the phrasing, etc.

I literally fell in love with this technique and finding a solution was therefore imperative.

I made my first personal slide in brass in the family mechanical workshop, improving internal comfort and the balance between size and sustain.

This gave a big change to my playing and the desire to deepen this technique. I started getting familiar with it and arranging songs, which I used to play in standard tuning.

Subsequently I deepened the study with Sebastiano Lillo, exceptional musician and record producer, who has raised to this the use of this instrument to be used in all the pieces that he arranges.

We are no longer speaking only of Blues therefore but of any musical genre, giving an immense and unprecedented charm to music in general.

After the comparison with Sebastiano and other professional musicians, I learned that a modernization was necessary …

  • qp slide charm 2
    55,00 IVA inclusa
    The front insert gives the Slide greater weight with a consequent increase in Sustain as well as an enhancement of the tone. You no longer need big, heavy slides to get a great sound. SIZE GUIDE Need help choosing your size? Discover our guide
  • QP-SLide-Velvet_DSC5610
    35,00 IVA inclusa
    For those who love “Fat” tone and easy vibrato. It is our heaviest model, it will give distinctly warm and velvety sounds, recommended with resonator guitars. SIZE GUIDE Need help choosing your size? Discover our guide
  • QP-SLlide-Comf-2_DSC5610
    Original price was: €39,00.Current price is: €29,00. IVA inclusa
    A bottleneck that fits your finger like a glove, you will no longer be afraid of it falling off at any moment. SIZE GUIDE Need help choosing your size? Discover our guide

History of guitar slides

The Guitar slides are the modern reproduction of the old bottlenecks used at the beginning of the 20th century by virtuosos African American Country and Blues guitarists to obtain a particular glissato sound.

The Bottleneck, literally translated as a bottleneck, was the first instrument used and it was actually the broken neck of a glass bottle.

The origins are actually more ancient, it is said that in a tribe they played a monochord instrument with a piece of glass for fun.

In the years to come, until today, the real Bottleneck slide has been replaced with the production of cylindrical tubes, certainly more comfortable than the neck of a bottle and more precise during their use, being perfectly cylindrical on the outside.

The construction materials are mainly glass, steel, ceramic and brass. Each of these has different characteristics in terms of sound, sustain, weight and if we want also practicality.

For example, glass and ceramic are lighter, therefore they tire the finger less, but they have less sustain and the peculiarity of being able to easily break due to an accidental fall.



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